Own you a “Quantum Magnetic Health Analyzer”?

Prognos, SCIO, Inergetix CoRe, L.I.F.E. System, Sensitiv Imago, Metatron, Quantum Magnetic Health Analyzer, Oberon, Diacom – and so on.

But own you a related system named “AE Organism Electric Analyzer”?

These devices come in many designs and have some good, expensive brand names – at a price of US$ 18,000. And much more.

Figure 1: Original AE Organism Electric Analyzer

But as an OEM versions from China such devices can get even for well under US$ 1000.

However, there is only one reason for all the software (which, however, were often copied and modified).

Own you such a system? You now have the option of upgrading for a radionics and bio-resonance device software-based analysis system.

If you have the original ENGLISH software of the "AE Organism Electric Analyzer", then can our software "Dittmer Radionik Quantum Magnetic Subhealth Bio Resonance" use the "Quantum magnetic analysis" for treatment too.

Good properties have the devices of Cobjack, Kimlida and Dolma (and some other). Ask your seller whether the central program is "electret.exe", the result pages look like "Result01.htm", "Result02.htm" ... "Result99.htm" and whether it is the original software.

Our solution 2011 - 2018

VERY IMPORTANT: A "Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer" (like any kind of these NLS solutions) creates no personal diagnosis, but an analysis and gives – based on age, sex, height, weight and body fat – individually possible probability based on the same age, sex, height, weight and body fat as well as your client / patient / customer. Was originally a program for the calculation of insurance risk. No magic, mysticism and witchcraft, but pure computation.
Be careful not to get any bad copy (cheap is not always good; particularly in China).

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